Michaël "Grems" Eveno

Michael Grems Eveno is a mastermind of many disciples, an artist-designer, artistic director, musician. His two main creative tendencies, art and music, developed alongside one another, are teasing and forcing each other to more energetic production, while keeping his well known and unique style.Although he graduated from the most academic of French art schools - Les Beaux Arts, Grems has always stepped outside of the box by breaking down the borders between types of artistic expression and types of music that were not supposed to coexist. While his artworks can be found on countless walls and in living rooms, galleries and even institutions like Centre Pompidou of Paris alike, he has designed hotels and cooperated with an endless array of internationally recognized brands and companies like Nike, Swatch, Asics, Citroen and many more.. All this while producing multiple solo albums, countless singles and contributing a large portion of distinct style to the landscape of French rap music.

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