Krakow-based artist, architect and creative mastermind Lukasz Habiera aka NAWER is a legend in his turf and has been producing abstract, almost geometrically accurate, yet extremely vivid works for decades. His style is hugely influenced by his love for structure, space, and the placement of objects within. Combination, placement, and then again, reckless rearrangement of such create another layer to it. He works with several media from murals to digital or even concrete casting, always striving to create new, vivid approaches and decorative works full of abstracted meaning.
images by artist & Mateusz Zimnoch (@mateusz_zimnoch)


How does your dream day look like – as a person and an artist alike?
Great morning coffee , fresh fruit juice , turn on music in my studio. In future same but on my one island ;).

No budget cap, what’s a project/ spot/medium dream to come true?
Limits stimulate creativity so its kind of pleasure to works without, Probably it will be some kind of wood/glass/concrete sculpture 😉

Who/what have been your biggest creative influences to date?
Bauhaus 😉

What the worst about being an artist?
Shipping ARTWORKS ;))))) I have real trauma

Your favorite spot for dinner?
If you are in Krakow You need to check Forum Przestrzenie one of my favorite spot btw designed by me & Oskar Podolski

Your top 3 songs, movies and books of all time?
Gil Scott – Heron „The KLAN” JamieXX „Girl” A TRIBE CALLED QUEST – Electric Relaxation

Name something that has to be part of your daily routine.
Its only my answer: Coffee

Name a quote you won’t ever forget?

Beach, mountains or woods?

1 fact your spouse loves/will love about you
Haaahhaha Living with na artist is the art OF compromise 😉

Name a meal of your childhood.
Its Polish Classic „Kotlet schabowy ziemniaki i marchewka z groszkiem”

What’s something you can still do right away if we woke you up at 3AM?
I can pack my luggage and fly 😉

Thanks for your time Lukasz!

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