POMS1 is an avid Graffiti writer and artist out of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Globally respected within one of the most authentic creative subcultures, his very illustrative other work carries tons of subtle hints, discussing contemporary topics and themes. Leaving all sort of creative traces across the world during his travels, his bold and very recognizable designs, forms, objects and color schemes can be found all over the world – never to be taken without a smile and a decent sense for sarcasm.


Who are you and how do you do?
I’m Pablo, an artist and designer from Argentina.

How does your dream day look like – as a person and an artist alike?
Usually I’m a very focused person, on my work and my life. I divide my day between digital illustration and painting some canvases. In my free time I workout and smoke weed.

Who/what have been your biggest creative influences to date?
Lots of graffiti writers from the 80s, like Seen, Zephir, Dondi and also I like the work of Keith Haring.

What’s the worst about being an artist?
For me, explain my work or try to find some deep sense of things. And make interviews XD

Your favorite spot for dinner?
I like Electrica Pizza, it’s a place here in Buenos Aires. They have good pizza and drinks. But also I like other places where you can eat a good parrilla, like meat and fries 🙂

Name something that has to be part of your daily routine.
I think, drink good coffee, weed, draw and listen to music.

Name a quote you won’t ever forget?
I like this one, “No todo lo que brilla es oro”
It means Not all the things that shine are gold.

Beach, mountains or woods?
Beach definitely.

What/where do you head to when everything just sucks?
I Just try to relax at home, and do something that I enjoy.

Name a meal of your childhood.
My favorite was milanesas that my dad used to cook for me. He passed away a few years ago.

Should an artist explain their work?
I think not

All your problems are taken care of – how do you fill your day?
Going out to paint some graffiti, or meet my friends for a drink maybe.

I buy and hang your work at my home – what’s something you would like me to know?
Just enjoy it, and nothing more.

The people of today tend to forget one important thing – what is it?
That you have only one life.

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